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All genuine diamonds in the world – whether natural (mined) or man-made (produced in a laboratory) are simply carbon. Natural diamonds come from carbon which has been molten and compressed deep within the earth and formed over millions of years.

We at Memorial Diamonds manufacture REAL Diamonds in our unique process which emulates almost exactly those conditions. We use carbon extracted from cremation ashes, hair or even an umbilical cord. We compress and heat it using in a special HPHT process (High Pressure, High Temperature) but it only takes just a few weeks rather than millions of years.

In our unique and very special process, a genuine raw diamond crystal is grown under extremely scientific conditions. After reaching a certain size, the raw diamond is then cut and polished just like a mined natural diamond.

What our customers have said

  • From the moment we spoke to Mike, we knew he was passionate about helping us decide the colour and the weight of our diamond.
  • I have known Mike for over 45 years and am simply astonished at what his group have achieved, making real diamonds (I never thought it was possible)
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, our beloved son will be with me forever – ‘Diamonds are Forever’
  • I was a little concerned at the costs of the diamonds, and paying such a large sum to not see anything for months. When it was delivered by Mike in person I really was very impressed with the service and my fabulous diamond

Mikes comments

Delivering these diamonds all over the British Isles – from Inverness to Jersey in the Channel Islands, it has been the most rewarding job in my working life. I take great pride in meeting all the customers and providing them with an everlasting memorial to their loved ones

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