Memorial Diamonds in a nutshell

We are one of just a handful of ‘Memorial Diamond’ makers in the world [others are Russian, Swiss and American] We are the only UK owned and based maker of genuine memorial diamonds using carbon extracted from ‘Cremains’ or hair. We were featured on Ch4 TV – “Ashes to Diamonds”.
Our diamonds are NOT synthetic, faux, ‘Aura’?, CZ, ‘Moissanite’ or made of DNA,  We do not ‘irradiate’ diamonds to alter NATURAL grown colours.  They can (if required) be certified by the UK Assay Office

Diamond sizes range from 0.25 crt upto 2.00 crt. Our most popular size 0.75 & 1.00 crt.
Diamond colours : Canary yellow, 3 free-range shades of Blue, White(Blue)*.
Diamond cuts : We only recommend round ‘Brilliant’ cut – 58 facets.

Canary diamonds use >100 grams of ashes or >10-15 grams of hair.
The minimum order value for canary is 1x 0.5crt;  or 2x 0.33crt; or 3x 0.25crt, this is because the processing is almost the same for  any size of diamond.  Orders could consist of various sizes, we have made up to 10 at once.   Use £6500/carat as a base rate. (Individual stones above 1.25 to 2.00 – POA)

The Canary process takes around 13-15 weeks, Blue’s can take a lot longer.  Terms and conditions apply, detailed in plain English on our order form. Importantly, we only charge for the exact weight delivered.

Blue’s use a more technical process using 200 gms of ashes or 25 grams of hair/crt.  Smallest FR-Blue is 0.33carat largest is 0.8 crt (possibly 1.00 crt).  The calculating price for FR-Blue orders is £12,975** per carat.   White (slight Blue hue) – around £17,500* mini/max size applies.

HQ : Macclesfield Industrial Estate, UK.  Trading internationally also from Australia and Hong Kong.
The Phoenix Group is an independent group of companies.   ceo : Mike Kelly, based in Manchester, UK
Call : 0870 881 0612  [int +44 1614199744]  9.00am – 9.00pm GMT Mon -Sat]   Mobile : 0771 288 7993 (text and calls anytime)

*Special quote required for carbon source and size required.
[**prices Sterling @ Sept. 2012 : e&oe]


About Us  is specialist part of the Phoenix Group based at Sunrise House in   Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK  (also represented in Australia and Hong Kong)

Managing Director and founder Mike Kelly, has been supplying man-made diamonds (sometimes called ‘created’ or ‘laboratory grown’ diamonds) since 1985, principally using the carbon in cremation ashes or carbon extracted from hair and recently – using carbon from the umbilical cord of an ‘at risk’  baby –  The Jessica Diamond – one of the groups ‘world firsts’.

Source Getty ImagesMexican artist Teresa Margolles collected detritus from ‘The London Riots of 2011’ in Croyden and asked us if we could make a diamond from it, the result was another first – The London Riots Diamond [click to view ] NB : The grubby nails are not ours!!!

Diamonds made from PromessionExperimental diamonds have been made from Promession (basically freeze drying the deceased) a process perfected by Promessa Organic SA of Sweden.   The two beautiful sparkling diamonds were made from carbon extracted during the new process, one from the organic remains and one from the secondary cremated remains – to prove that ‘Memorial Diamonds’ could be offered to the bereaved – as they are for both established cremation and burial.

Diamond made  from dead beesAugust 2012 brought about yet another ‘first’ for the group – The Honey Bee Diamond – a phylanthropic project to raise awareness of  ‘Hive Death Syndrome’ and the plight of the worlds dying bees. These diamonds will eventually be auctioned to raise funding for further research in the hope if stemming a total disaster – for without these industrious pollinators, the human race is doomed. [read more on the whole story]


We have also been featured on a Channel 4 TV programme –  ‘Ashes to Diamonds’.

National Association of Funeral Directors

As members of the NAFD and SAIF, we work to a respectful and trustworthy code of practice and always deliver a personal service. From the moment you contact us we respect your confidential enquiry and we promise we will never ‘hard sell’.



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