Diamond Making

Laboratory grown real Diamonds manufactured from Carbon

Worldwide, there is still just a handful of ‘Memorial Diamond’ manufacturers in the world [others are Russian, Swiss and American].

We are the only British owned and based manufacturer of genuine memorial diamonds using carbon extracted from ‘Cremains’ (cremation ashes) or hair – from the living or deceased (or using both mixed).

Our diamonds are pure diamonds, NOT synthetic, faux, ‘Aura’?, CZ, ‘Moissanite’ or made of DNA (it can’t be done!!) They are not coated or drilled and WE do not ‘irradiate’ any diamonds to alter NATURAL grown colours. They can be certifed by the UK Assay Office.

Diamond sizes range from 0.25 crt up-to 2.00 crt. Our most popular size 0.75 & 1.00 crt.
Diamond colours : Light Canary yellow, a free-range of light Blue, White and Pink.
Diamond cuts : We recommend the round ‘Brilliant’ cut with 58 facets.

Canary diamonds use >100 grams of ashes or >10-15 grams of hair.
The minimum order value for canary is 1x 0.5crt; or 2x 0.33crt; or 3x 0.25crt, this is because the processing is almost the same for any size of diamond. Orders could consist of various sizes, we have made up to 10 at once. Individual stones above 1.5ct – POA.

The Canary process takes around 13-15 weeks, Blue’s, White and Pink can take longer. Terms and conditions apply, detailed in plain English on our order form. Importantly, we only charge for the exact weight delivered.

Blue’s, Whites and Pinks use a slightly different technical process using 200 gms of ashes or 25 grams of hair/crt. Smallest FR-Blue is 0.5ct; largest is 1.5 crt (possibly 2.00 crt). Smallest White diamond and Pink diamond is currently 0.5ct up to 1.5carat.

Diamond achievements

Over the last 15 years, we have made some amazing diamonds and some ‘World firsts’.

  • The Jessica Diamond, the first diamond in the world made from the carbon within an at risk baby’s umbilical cord.
  • The London Riots Diamond, made for the Mexican artist Teresa Margolles, who had collected the detritus of the riots of 2011.
  • We have been privileged to experiment making diamonds for Promessa Organic SA of Sweden for whom we made two stones, one from the basic process (freeze drying) and one from the secondary remains after ‘green’ cremation.
  • The Honey Bee Diamonds, a philanthropic project to raise awareness of ‘Colony Collapse Syndrome’ and the plight of the worlds dying bees, for without these industrious pollinators, the human race could be doomed.
  • The Equine Diamond, a fabulous white (with a slight blue hue) 1.00 carat diamond made from a hank of a living horse’s tail hair.
  • Celebrity Diamonds: Confidentiality prevents us from disclosing exactly WHO we have made ‘Memorial Diamonds’ from, but we have been privileged to assist many famous families.
  • Composite Diamonds: Carbon is carbon, diamonds are carbon, so mixing various sources of carbon is easy and simple, whether it be : Dad’s ashes with living Mum’s hair ; A whole family of ‘Cremains’ collected over the years; We have used Two loved dogs – one still living and once sadly deceased, mixing hair and ashes ashes
    to make two lovely diamonds; We’ve also memorialised many horses, Dogs, Cats and even a Parrot’s ashes to make stunning diamonds.
Memorial Diamonds have been supplying man-made diamonds since 1985, principally using the carbon in cremation ashes or carbon extracted from hair.
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