Radio 4 – You and Yours feature in "synthetic diamonds"

26th May 2008

Just to put the record straight.  Of the three laboratories mentioned in the Radio 4 program (You and Yours, Monday, 26th May) only LifeGem make ‘memorial diamonds’  the other two Gemesis and Apollo do not (allegedly).  

Phoenix Diamonds are UK based and one of three others in the whole world who only make ‘Memorial Diamonds’ but we are not connected in any way to any of those mentioned.
The program also refers to lab’ created diamonds as “synthetic”, this word infers in some ways that they are inferior to natural mined diamonds – our diamonds are real diamonds and can be certified by ‘AnchorCert’ the Birmingham Assay Office.  
Terminology is a huge tin of worms and is being highly disputed all around the world as what to call ‘created’, ‘man-made’ or ‘lab-grown’ diamonds.  De-Beers have always been derogatory towards ‘created’ diamonds  though strangely enough were beaten to the patents by just 7 days against General Electric who won in them in the 50’s (allegedly).  
It also may be true that gems can be grown in just “4 days” – probably in a factory production line process, but we have a very labour and technically intensive scientific process just to prepare the carbon for the same HTHP process in a single unique diamond production.

Memorial Diamonds have been supplying man-made diamonds since 1985, principally using the carbon in cremation ashes or carbon extracted from hair.
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