Sizes & Prices

We do not irradiate naturally grown coloured memorial diamonds, they grow from carbon extracted from  the hair or cremation ashes of your loved one. Natural colours are Canary (light yellow), Free-Range Blue, and white with a slight blue hue.  We may also be able to make pink (please enquire).

The most popular natural colour we make is light canary yellow.  Canary sizes range from 0.25 carat up to 1.25 carat.  Our minimum order for one stone is 0.5 carat (5mm) @ £3250. When mixing weights in one order, we use a ‘base rate‘ of £6500* per carat (or less) for up to 1.00 carat and if you require a larger carat we will be happy to give you a quote.

Canary diamonds use around 100g of ashes or 15-25 grams of hair per carat and take approximately 13-15 weeks to process.

We offer what we call ‘Free-Range Blue’ diamonds, shades of  light blue vary based on the make up of hair or ashes, the base rate for FR-Blue is £12,500* per carat.  The smallest blue we offer is 0.33 and upwards to a maximum of  1.0 carat.

FR-Blue diamonds use 200 grams of ashes and approximately 30 grams of hair per carat and can take up to 6 months.

White diamonds (which have slight blue hue) have a base rate of £17,500*


*Prices: Sept. 2012:  Always check current prices : Terms and Conditions apply.


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